Tax Rulings NL — база данных, управляемая искусственным интеллектом

Feel free to ask anything here anything. The idea is that your request will be digested by AI, and it will do its best to find a response among over 700 rulings. No need to mention that it is just a machine, and no guarantiesguarantees or assurances may be given that responcethe response is complete and accurate. Rather, it will be useful to have your feedback whether you found the response, especially if you are an expert in Dutch international tax.

The source of information is the Dutch taxTax Authorities web- portal where all these rulings are published:

Feel free to share your adeasideas and thoughts,. thereThere are technical capacities to build databases with the assistance of AI, hence just let us know what the next AI -driven international tax adatabasedatabase should be about.

And by the way, I specifically allowed todownloading downloadthe original texts of the rulings. They are in Dutch, but I am sure you know how to use Google translateTranslate or DeepL service.